Description of Responsibilities:
We are looking for a man to lead in the oversight and direction of the teenage youth ministry.  
Our vision is to spiritually develop our youth in knowing and loving the Lord Jesus and His Word,
and spiritually prepare them for the challenges of young adulthood.

1. Attending the Sunday services and serving as a teen Sunday School teacher
2. Participating in our teen youth group (twice a month on Saturday nights for three hours)
3. Intentionally mentoring and counseling of teens
4. Personally supervising all volunteer youth workers
5. Attending youth extra-curricular activities
6. Participation as a KICS leader (twice a month on Sunday nights for two hours)

Special Talents or Skills Preferred:   A person with a heart for teenagers who possesses the
following traits:  maturity, organization, self-starter capabilities, warm personality, strong
communication skills, motivation, and the ability to meet deadlines.

Education:  Post-high school education or equivalent experience

Weekly Time Commitment:  approximately 20 hours

Salary:  $15-$20 thousand a year
This position is a one year renewable commitment with evaluation of the ministry on a quarterly
basis.  The candidate must agree with the doctrinal statement of Samuel’s Church and will be
directly responsible to the Pastor and meet with him on a regular basis.

Please submit resumes to:


   Pastor Clark Kelsey
   2828 Stull Road
   McClure, PA  17841
Youth Pastor Job Description
Job Description
For Samuel’s Church Part-time Youth Pastor