RARELY                 SOMETIMES                  NORMALLY
    1             2            3            4             5            6              7
24. People regularly tell me that they appreciate my presence when they are going through
     difficulties. ______

25. I find that I am able to trust God without hesitation in difficult situations. _____

26. I have ideas which I am cautious to share, except when it benefits the ministry. _____

27. I find it fairly easy and enjoyable to spend time in Bible study and research. _____

28. I am able to motivate people to set spiritual goals. _____

29. I find it easy to clarify people's problems for them and give them Biblical solutions. _____

30. I enjoy defending my position on Biblical issues. _____

31. I like to set goals for myself and my service to the Lord. _____

32. I like to see others organized. _____

33. I find a great deal of joy in just doing things that need to be done, no matter how small the
     task. _____

34. When I hear of someone in need, I immediately think of offering financial help. _____

35. I have a special sensitivity as to what to say or what not to say when talking with people.  _____

36. I feel a burden to encourage people to trust God when I see them defeated and discouraged.

37. I seem to have an good understanding of people and their motivations, even though I do
     not know them well.  _____

38. I love to prove and answer biblical issues and questions. _____

39. I would rather personally help someone having problems than send them to someone else.

40. I find it easy to illustrate truths I want to communicate. _____

41. I find that people come to me with difficult questions from the Bible. _____

42. When someone is not doing a job well, I am concerned about helping him to do better.  ____

43. Successfully completing an activity gives me great satisfaction. _____

44. I would rather do a certain task than spend time counseling with people. _____

45. I find myself responding immediately to others' financial needs without a great deal of
     planning to do so. _____

46. I like to personally help people, regardless of their character or point of view. _____

47. I have an effective prayer ministry in my life with many wonderful answers to prayer. _____

48. I often sense that something is not right before other believers do. _____

49. When I hear about a question or problem, I am eager to find a Biblical answer. _____

50. People express to me how much I have helped or encouraged them in time of need. _____

51. I am more concerned with how to apply the Bible than in simply understanding its
     message. _____