The Spiritual Gifts Test
Thank you for your interest in discovering your spiritual gift.  You will need to print out the five pages
of the test in order to take it.

As you take this test, remember that there are no right or wrong answers.  Your job is to rate how
often each of the following statements truly represent you.  In each case, write the NUMBER that
best describes what you are really like and how you really feel at the present time.  Do not answer
in terms of how you want to be, but in how you are right now.  Don't linger too long over the
statements because first impressions are usually the best.  May God bless you!
    RARELY                 SOMETIMES                  NORMALLY
    1             2            3            4             5            6              7
1.   I am a person who is naturally careful with my money. _____

2.   When others are suffering, I suffer with them. _____

3.   When people say that something cannot be done, I feel the burden to believe God and trust
    Him for it.  _____

4.   Other believers come to me for counsel about questionable matters. _____

5.   I have a strong desire to help people experience Bible truths in the same way I have in my
   own personal study.  _____

6.   The advice I give often stands as the final decision of a group. _____

7.   I can quickly see the positive results that can come out of a bad situation. _____

8.   I find that I enjoy tackling Biblical problems and researching the issues. _____

9.   I have a good record of achieving my goals. _____

10.  I enjoy managing programs more than managing people. _____

11.  When I see a need, I feel an immediate obligation to meet it. _____

12.  God often uses me to financially help people and their ministries. _____

13.  I tend to become deeply involved with people and their problems. _____

14.  I have discovered that I do not have to wait for much evidence before making a decision.  _____

15.  I am able to easily tell between what is produced by God and what is produced by Satan.   _____

16.  When I share God's Word with others, I always look for ways to illustrate the truth. _____

17.  I always try to give a step by step plan of action when helping people with their problems. _____

18.  I enjoy reducing Bible truths down to practical principles for living. _____

19.  I enjoy reading scholarly works and debates on Biblical issues. _____

20.  I enjoy being with those who have a definite direction in their lives. _____

21.  I tend to enjoy the steps involved in reaching a goal more than the goal itself. _____

22.  I concentrate more on doing the things that need to be done rather than on why they should be
       done.  ____

23. I would rather provide the materials for a project than do the hands on work. _____