Before we can approve anyone's request for marriage in the church, we need to have both
the man and woman fill out the following information:   

Full name __________________________________

Address ________________________________________________________________

Phone  _____________________________  

Email _________________________________

Date of birth _________________

Current occupation _____________________________________

  length of time employed ___________

Length of time you have dated each other ______________

Date you desire to be married ____________________________

Have you had any previous marriages? ____________
if so, please explain the circumstances and reasons for ending the marriage(s).

How would you describe how things are between you and God right now?

If you died tonight, are you certain that you would go to heaven?  
  yes ____ no ____ not sure ____

If God asked what you are relying on to get yourself into heaven, what would you say?  

Was there ever a time in your life when you chose to turn from your sin and accepted Jesus
as your Lord and Savior for the rest of your life?  

  yes ____ no ____ not sure ____

If yes, please describe below the circumstances surrounding your decision to accept Jesus.
Marriage Application
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