Samuel's Church wedding policy requires that couples seeking marriage in our church both
claim Jesus as their Lord and Savior and be committed to obeying His commands. Our
reason for this is because we hold a high view of a church wedding. A couple can be married
in many different places (a person's home, a park, or the office of the Justice of the Peace),
but when a couple requests a church wedding, it means they want to add in the spiritual realm
of honoring God. This means a church wedding is more than just a nice setting for a marriage
ceremony. It is a spiritual service to God, like a worship service, and to have a church
wedding without a commitment to Jesus as Savior or without obedience to His clear
commands is really to play a game. It is like asking for a military wedding without having
any commitment to the military. It simply would not mean anything. In the same way, we
believe that asking for a church wedding while having no personal commitment to Jesus
and obeying Him is improper.  Our policy is to reserve church weddings for those who are
committed to Jesus and are serious about wanting to draw Him into their marriage.

Steps for Application for Marriage

1. Any couple seeking marriage in our church must first fill out a Marriage Application Form.
Click here.

2. The Pastor reviews the completed form, and if necessary, meets with the couple to discuss
any unclear matters in the area of their present relationship* or any past issues of divorce
and remarriage.**

3. The Church Council meets to decide whether to grant the couple's request to be married in
the church.  

4. Once permission has been granted from the Council, the couple must agree to commit to
four pre-marital counseling sessions with the pastor and to commit to regularly attending the
worship services of Samuel's Church until the time they get married (unless special
permission is granted by the Council).

5. The Pastor arranges time for four pre-marital counseling sessions. The counseling
includes viewing 12 forty-five minute DVD programs at home on what the Bible
teaches about marriage, and then meeting together with the pastor to discuss them.  In
addition, the couple will take an online marriage survey that will help guide what is covered
in the counseling sessions.

6. When two or more ministers are involved in a wedding, their statement(s) of faith will be
reviewed by the Council to make sure they coincide with Samuel's Church Statement of

* Couples living together will need to commit to living separately and remaining sexually
obedient to God until their marriage.

** See the church policy position on
Divorce and Remarriage.
Samuel's Church Wedding Policy
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