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Prayer Requests From This Week's Worship Service
Sunday, July 26, 2020

  • Jerry Fike and Tina Loht for healing and comfort through cancer treatments
  • Eli for healing and rehabilitation work recovering from his brain tumor
  • Barb Donovan for recuperation from knee replacement surgery
  • Ken Mowery for recuperation from back surgery
  • Kaleb Loht's father in law's family for comfort over his death
  • Berni Arnold's mother for strength
  • Rachel and Brent for safety in moving to their new homes
  • Our country for peace and justice and strength for our leaders
  • Rain for our famers
  • Elijah Angney and Reese Boyer for good week at Camp K
  • Nursing home in Selinsgrove to be protected from the Covid virus
  • Becky for blessing upon her cancer surgery
  • Kyle and Daniel for jobs
  • Andre for healing and health
  • John Boyer for healling of his lung problems
  • Mary Hannon for healing of her foot
  • Irma who is in hospice
  • Sue who is needing strength for surgery to remove cancer
  • Terry and Brian Goss for healing, and Casey for an unspoken request
  • Norman Walters for recovery from a stroke